Individualized Education Program (IEP)

On 19th July Parents were called for an Individual meeting with the Teachers to discuss the Individual education Program of their child.

IEP is an Individualized Education Program geared to meet the unique needs of every special child.It is designed for each student.  A team of professionals that includes the class teacher, parents and other professionals such as the Occupational Therapist, Sports and Art & craft teacher along with the Administrator come together to set an annual goals which needs to be achieved within a specific time frame.
The Teachers of the Centre were given inputs in preparing the IEP document last academic year by Mrs. Kala Sundarvedha who is a Special Educator herself.  Four to five sessions were conducted by her till the Teachers gained confidence. This academic year the Teachers have developed  this document for every child.
In the month of April the classes were reshuffled. The teachers made an initial assessment of the child to understand the current level of functioning and their unique needs. A meeting with the parents also followed to understand the Parent’s opinion and their expectations. An IEP was designed by the Teachers based on their observations and assessment checklist. Another meeting with parents is held to discuss the exact nature of the program and the Parent’s contribution to the same. The education program began in the month of July. The objectives set by the teacher would be evaluated after the set time period and the results discussed. In the process the team will also review the program on and off and make any necessary changes if required.