Annual Planning Workshop 2014-15

School academic-year ends on April 19th and the children will go for summer holidays. Teachers will continue to work till end of April making reports of the progress made by the children during the year, upgrading lesson plans and other activities for the next academic year. For the successful running of the school, planning is important, each child is unique with different level of understanding, the plans are made to get the maximum progress of the child. Parents play an equal and important role in the development of the child, it is important for them to work parallel to teachers in receiving the desired results.

The main aim in teaching at Special School is to make the child independent in self-care and to develop those skills that he has an interest and aptitude to progress.

On April 3, annual planning workshop was held at school, attended by 38 persons that included teaching staff, helpers and parents of both the centers, (CBD and Uran.) Sukanya Venkat, the Principal of the school, and Shirish Poojari, the founder, conducted the workshop.

The workshop started with an interesting game whereby everybody were asked to close their eyes and imagine them selves to be in a deep desert. Sukanya asked them to study the details of the words like cube, ladder, flowers, horse and storm, their relationship to each other, their physical characteristics and other details. The idea behind this game was self-discovery and the relationship of the person with family and friends. It was interesting to learn about their interpretations and perceptions.

The next session started by calling each person to the mike and giving them an opportunity to relate their experiences of working at school during the year, to relate their achievements and their overall performance at school. Most of the staff was pleased by the performance and was open to the idea for improvement for the benefit of the children. Parents were also very happy with the progress of their child at school.

There are many events organized during the year whereby children learn in an informal way through fun and activities. It is no use teaching from textbooks when first hand experience can give better results. The events are planned; teachers and parents volunteer and are given the responsibility for management of the events.

After lunch break, the events were listed out on the white board as follows:
Parents’ day
Grandparents’ day
Teacher’s days
Caring day
Children’s day
Annual day
Food festival
Picnics students, staff
Fun fair and exhibition of articles made by children.

Different themes are chosen for birthdays every year. Details of the theme can be found here.
The school celebrates 25th year of its service this year and there is line-up of events during the year. Staff members, parents, sponsors, well-wishers, all have played an important role in the progress of what our school is today. Clearly, it’s teamwork!
To be continued……..