Cooking Activity at Pre-Vocational Unit..

One of the activity that is included in the school program is home science class, where children are trained to cook simple dishes like dhal, rice and other simple dishes.

The children are taught functional Maths by measuring of ingredients and using them in a recipe. 

Children are taught hygiene and nutrition values by practical demonstrations and during the activity itself.

The instructor shows each child the ingredient used during cooking and helps them identify the product by touch, smell and taste

Children are taught safety measures to be taken during cooking,  there are discussions on prevention measures to be taken and what one can do to avoid accidents in the kitchen.

Children are taught correct use of gadgets and utensil used during cooking. How to use Cookers, Fry pans, ovens, micro-ovens etc.

The children learn the health values of the spices used during cooking.

Children can help in chopping tomatoes, chilies, cleaning of coriander leaves and in peeling garlic cloves.During the cooking session, children learn to apply math and reading skills as they follow recipes and measure the ingredients that they will use in the recipe. They also learn about food safety and meal planning skills. They learn about nutrition and healthy choices in fun and interactive way.

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