Collaboration with Tool Box India

Tool Box India which coaches Non Profit organizations towards better management has been working with SBP for the past one year. Ms. Vijaya Balaji Coordinates and manages Tool Box India. Volunteers from PMI (Project Management Institute, Mumbai Chapter)  Mr. Anand More, Mr. Devidasan, Mr. Nagpal and Mr. Prabhu visited the Centre on the13th and had a discussion with the Management of SBP.

About ToolBox India

ToolBox coaches non-profits in Change Process Management and Strategic Management. ‘Non-profits’ would see their impact amplified if better managed. Many people active in the private sector (volunteers) are willing to give time to coach non-profits towards a more effective organisation.
ToolBox brings these two together, and provides a platform in which they can collaborate effectively by offering:

  • pro-bono quality coaching to a selection of non-profits
  • a stimulating and structured environment for volunteers
  • the development of appropriate management tools for non-profits
  • teaching sessions and a strong emphasis on practical field coaching
  • continuous feedback of field-experience into a central knowledge base, for future improved coaching

Vijaya Balaji

Vijaya has earlier worked with the Finance and Treasury function in Kodak India and as a Theory of Knowledge Coordinator  with an international school in Mumbai in addition to handling curriculum development and development of MIS and other reporting systems . Currently she manages Toolbox India since  April 2011.