Workshop on stem cell therapy

On 1st  September SBP invited NeuroGen a Brain and Spine Institute to organize a workshop on Neuro Regenerative Rehabilitation Therapy that included inputs on stem cell therapy for incurable neurological diseases.
The team of Neuro gen doctors  Dr. Nandini Gokulchandran (Dy. Director, Neurogen), Dr. Akshata Shetty (Clinical Psychologist), Dr. Priti  Mishra (Occupational Therapist), Mrs. Geeta Arora Social Worker shared information about the recent advances in the development of children undergoing the treatment of Stem cell therapy done at their Chembur clinic under the supervision of the Director Dr. Alok Sharma. Visuals on the actual procedure of stem cell therapy was presented by the team.
The after effects of the treatment was also shared via a graphical study.
40 participants consisting of Professionals and Parents attended the workshop


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