SBP Awards of Appreciation 2011-2012

Every teacher, every assistant, every parent helps in the growth and development of a special child. Training the special children is a team work and every person makes a great contribution in helping the children.

The school management wished to express their gratitude to all those who had contributed in their special way. During Annual day celebration, 2012, an award of appreciation was presented to those persons who had contributed during the year and were felicitated by the ‘Award of Appreciation’

AWARD OF APPRECIATION (2011-12) was presented to teachers for:

              Shital Panchal:                        Dedication & Commitment
·         Aditi Kadam                           Creativity
·         Nidhi Katare                           Networking Skills
·         Smita Vartak                          Creativity                  
·         Grace Rekha Simoes              Organizational skills
·         Vidya Avasak                         Creative & Innovative ideas
·         Shobha Padtare                      Diligent service
·         Rupali Dhandore                     Leadership skills
·         Bhima Dhandekar                   Devotion to the Cause
·         Amita  Mestri                         Growth & Advancement
·         Smita Waghmare                    Enterprising service
·         Megha Parte                            Dedication
·         Charushila Nikose                   Devotion to the Cause
·         Sarang Rathod                                    Sincerity
·         Madhuri Upadhye                   Dedication
·         Madhukanta Shah                   Lifelong Commitment to art
·         Sachin Jadhav                         Talent Development
·         Chhaya Sawant                       Responsibility
·         Laxman Mhatre                       All round Support
·         Anita Punj                               Creative Ideas

Awards were also presented to all the assistant
·         Mansi Panchal
·                                 Sandhya Pagar
·                                Rakesh Mhatre
·         Gopal Mhatre
·         Gopal Vartak
·         Prashant Kadam
·         Anita Mankame
·         Sarita Karekar
·         Kasturi Bhojane
·         Shashikant Bandekar
·         Sagar Mhatre
·         Vinod Munde
·         Ravinder Pal walia
·         Sujit Phadnis
·         Nishigandha Sawant
·         Sunita Kadam
·         Sumati Thakur

·         Mrs. Hansa Maru
·         Mrs. Sumathi Shetty
·         Mrs. Sukhjit Kaur
·         Mrs. Thakur
·         Mrs. Kotian

Awards were also given to all the deserving children who have shown progress in their over all performance during this year 2011-2012