Newsletter for the month of February

On 4th February A cultural program ‘Saath Saath’ was held at Vishnidas Bhave Auditorium, Vashi

On 11th February, all the teachers of SBP attended the workshop on autism conducted by Asha Asher, a special educator from US. It was held at NIMH

On 14th all the participants of the program ‘Saath Saath’ were felicitated by Nikhil Jasuja, all were provided with ice-cream, chikki and snacks. Certificate of appreciation were presented to all the volunteers by the management of the school.

On 15th February, 12 students participated in the cricket match organized by AWMH, Maharashtra at Goregoan sports club.

On 16th Feb, drawing competition was held in the school, organized by Amway. This was competition for normal children of the distributer of Amway along with special children’

On 19th February, student participated in various contests organized by Sanjeevanji at Airoli, activities like Rangoli, sports, fun games and essay writing.

On 21st February, 10 students along with teachers attended creative workshop organized by Jiddha Special school. They learnt paper Mache, pottery and handicrafts.

On 26th February, children participated in cultural event organised by Lions club of Khoparlkhairne.