Quarterly teachers' meeting

On 30th September at 2pm, while whole of India was awaiting the Ayodhya verdict, teachers, parents and the management of Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan were in their quarterly meeting.

Qualitative evaluation of the first term program and the feedback/observations were discussed during the meeting.

The points that were discussed were planning of the time-table, observations and effectiveness of the teaching methods, school assembly, canteen activity, records and registers, rules and regulations, teaching aids, attendance, etc,

Time-Table: Different factors should be taken into consideration while organizing the time table of a special child because each child is different and has limited ability. One activity could to be carried out for three days at a stretch, to maintain continuity and to get the proper results. There are some children who need less of academic activity and more of pre-vocational skills; the time-table has to be adjusted according to his capability. It is not possible to force the child to do certain kind of activity. However, it is important to understand which areas one can improve on and how the time can be used constructively to get the maximum progress of the child on that activity. Also one should take into consideration the child’s attendance and how much time is spend, when to let go of the activity that is not showing any results.

Effectiveness: Parents have to be assured that their children are learning something at school hence one had to do self-evaluation regularly. The child should be able to do certain activity correctly. An honest report must be prepared so that parents are assured of their child’s capability. It is the duty of a teacher to devote enough time to the child to be able to grasp the task effectively. There should be no disparity about what the child can actually do and what is said on the report card.

Book Correction: Every Friday, teachers give their activity book to the management for evaluation. It is important for teacher to improve her own grammar and writing so that they improve their own minus points. If the teacher is not proficient, then it is not possible for them to teach properly.

School Assembly: Different children are appointed each day to host the assembly and morning prayers but the teacher should take the responsibility of insuring that those children are reminded to attend on time.

Canteen: Children are taught basic cooking and some simple recipes that they can cook on their own. On last Friday of the month, the food made by children is sold to other children and teachers. It becomes duty of the class teacher to remind the child to bring money on that day. This activity helps children the use of money and their value and it should be included in their teaching curriculum.

Outdoor Activities: Every outdoor activity should have the purpose and it should be planned in such a way that it becomes a learning experience.

Planning: Every teaching method needs to be planned. For example if there is a birthday celebration then the child should be taught the correct way of wishing his friend, posing for a photograph, giving a gift. Party etiquettes can be taught and children should be involved in purchase of cake, decoration, music and food.

Many other points were discussed and each teacher gave their feedback. The session was quite vibrant and interactive.

At the end of the meeting a small exercise was given to the teachers whereby they had to list the activities done by one particular child over the period of three months.

The parents were also asked to participate in the discussions and they pointed out that too much leniency is shown to the late comers, and this encourages the parents to send their children late to school, they insisted that children should be send back home if they do not obey the rules and regulations of the school.

That settled….. it was time to check the Ayodhaya verdict.