Teacher's Day - 4th September

It was a special Teacher's Day this time (even though it falls on a Sunday!). So we celebrated it with students and parents on Saturday, 4th September. This being the twentieth year of existence of SBP, it was really a special occasion.Everyone had assembled by 11:00 AM in Pre-primary III (which is the biggest classroom). It began with an invocation to the deities "Prathama tula vandito", by Sujit in his melodious voice.

Then Shital teacher sang out "tum asha vishwas hamare" setting the celebratory mood for the day.

Vibha teacher's Bharatnatyam dance created a major flutter in the audience, as we saw her hidden talent come out so gracefully.

Anitaji followed this with three funny poems, all beginning with 'cha' and followed it up with a story about humanity and mistakes.

Then came the highlight of the day - a modern dance by six of our young-at-heart teachers.

Every such occasion there is always a surprise by Sachin Sir, so why should it be different this time? He and his group presented a vigourous tribal dance!

Your truly then volunteered to read a poem he thinks is funny -'bhakt ne samjha', about a man who believes in different gods everytime.

Yet another dance by our talented teachers!

Disha, our in-house dancing talent, could not be missed, with her superb performance of 'Main maike chali jaoongi'.

Then Jasmine, who is Jesal Bakshi's sister, presented a dance to a modern number (sorry I forget which).

Then to lighten up the mood, Anitaji again presented a few jokes and anecdotes.

Smita teacher & Sujit presented a song 'Teri ore', which was well-appreciated by the audience.

That was followed by two ghaazals from our singing sensation Sachin Sir. Everyone in the audience joined him as he sang 'Pyar se pukar'.

Little Jasmine came on to stage to present the hit Marathi number 'Dete Kon'.

Then there was another sweet song by Sujit 'Aaja re'. Charu teacher, who is not teaching now, joined us, and sang 'Mogara phulala' for us.

As this part of the programme came to and end, Shirish teacher gave a vote of thanks. But that didn't mean everything was over - the games had yet to begin.

Sukanya Teacher worked everyone up into the spirit of playing a few lighthearted, cheerful games. We began with the bindi game. We were formed into pairs, and one partner had to innovatively decorate the other's face with a packetful of bindis. Needless to say, it brought out the mischief and creativity present in all of us!

Then there was a group game with objects, and another game, 'pass the parcel'. In this, the penalties were very interesting. For example, when the music stopped, everone wearing gold ring with stones in them had to quit the game.

After all these games, one is nicely in the mood for a delicious lunch. An as always happens at SBP, there was no ground to complain. Menu items include tasty ragda pattice, jeera rice with dal, papad and achar, and a malai sandwich to keep a lingering sweetness in the mouth!

After lunch, Mr. Bakshi gave a speech thanking the teachers and their efforts throughout the year, on behalf of the parents. Then we had some more fun, with all the parents, teachers and students joining in for the newspaper dance. They formed couples and danced on top of a newspaper while the music played. Everytime the music stopped, those with feet outside tthe paper were out. Then the paper was folded in half and the dancing started. This went on till we had a winner! Or rather, we had four winning couples!

Then we had a balloon dance. The same couples had to balance a balloon beween themselves without letting it fall or touching it with hands. Oh, what fun we all had!

Finally, there was the prize distribution and a final vote of thanks. And with that, the merry, merry day ended!