Ganpati Celebration at School

While Mumbai celebrated Ganpati festival in style with lots of noise and ban baja, the children at Swami Brahmanand had their own kind of celebration.

Aditi Kadam, the teacher of the Vocational unit was in charge of the celebration and her innovative ways of celebration with the children is worth the mention.

A small, silver plated Ganpati was selected and placed on the pedestal with the background decorations that were changed creatively each day.

On the visarjan day, there was a huge celebration. The children danced to the jingles of the Lazims and carried the idol to the school compound.

The children performed aarti everyday and enjoyed the prasad that followed after the aarti.

A small pool was temporary created for this purpose for immersion of the idol of Ganpati.

Truly, it was a memorable festival that Children enjoyed in an unique way.