Swayam - a Self Help Group

Swayam is an initiative started by Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan, Centre for Mentally Challenged to help our children attain a life of independence and dignity. Fifteen students of the age of twenty and above, and their parents have come together to form this self-help group.

Our mission is to help our students live a life of independence and dignity by becoming completely self-reliant economically and socially. They will do this by using the various vocational skills they have learned in the school, like grinding spices & flour, cutting vegetables, making paper bags and other items.

A small one-room-apartment, closer to the school,  has been rented out for this purpose whereby the parents help their children in various activities like

Cleaning the grains

Grinding Masalas

weighing the masalas

Sealing the packets

Pricing the products

and after these products are ready, the children will learn about marketting the product and seeing the real money!!!

Children are now in biznesh!! :))