Friendship and Chocolate Day Celebration 6th August 2010

Students and Teachers celebrated the Friendship and Chocolate Day with great enthusiasm . Game were played both students and teachers participated in fun Game.

Children chose their friends and gave chocolate and tied friendship band.
Additional post by Pushpee
On Friday, when I entered the school, I was in for a surprise. The children were in festive mood, some of them singing into the mike while others dancing to the music. Group of children sat on the floor to enjoy the show while most of the other children were excitedly greeting each other ‘Happy Friendship day’
Now you may wonder if all children understand the meaning of ‘Friendship day’ especially if they are mentally challenged, It’s true they may not understand the word ‘friendship’ but every child understands the meaning of chocolate.......Read more here


  1. ohh I really likes it...
    I heard abt this institute frm my sister...
    and u ppl are really doing fine job...
    go ahead..
    here r my best wishes :)

  2. Thank you Naksh, do visit us when u can :))


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