Success Story ~ Ravinder Valia

Ravinder Valia is 36 year old youth, married, and has 3-year-old kid, he is presently employed in our school as helper and supervisor.

He has delayed development problems. Till the age of 18 years, he did not attend any school because he could not cope with the normal school curriculum and there were no special schools in Navi Mumbai.

He was admitted in our school at the age of eighteen. He was quite independent in his personal skills, but he lacked confidence, could not interact with people and was not interested in academic activities. He had poor ‘time and money’ concept.

Over the next sixteen years, during his training in our school, he regained his confidence. He won several prizes in art and handicraft work, he showed great interest in embroidery and appliqué work and was encouraged to hone his art work. He was motivated to work in the field in which he was interested and he showed great results.

With school’s assistance, he got a job placement with stamp-collection Company, where he was given the job of sorting out the postal stamps by their size and picture, a work that he performed with great efficiency. But due to recession, he was laid off after one and half years of working for that company.

At present he is back at school, employed, doing odd jobs at school and the management is very pleased with his service.