New Term Begins………2009-2010

Next week, the school re-opens after the summer vacation of 45 days and the children will be very excited to come back to school. They will come with stories to share with their teachers and friends and the school will once again become alive with their sights and sounds.

The teachers too have been busy preparing the curriculum for the next term. Teaching special children require special skills and the lesson have to be tailored to meet children’s individual needs.

Today, all the teachers met in the common room with Sukanya, (The Principal), Shirish (The founder), and Pranita (Officer-in-charge for National Institute for Mentally Handicapped) to discuss briefly the activities and teaching methods that the teachers will use during this year.

Every year, new students are admitted in the school and we have about 120 students presently. The teaching plan will now be structured in such a way that children are trained for some vocational activity to find jobs in the main stream. The teachers in the vocational group were advised to study the job opportunities for the special child and train the child accordingly. This will help the school to admit new students while the older children are integrated into the independent world. The parent’s cooperation will be required to help the child and the skills, that are taught in school, can be improved at home.

In the primary level, the children will be trained in reading, writing, art, music and in other various types of activities. There will be field trips and daily life activities. Much has been planned by teachers and the assistants, but the progress will depend on the ability of the student.

Teachers will continue to strive harder each year…….