Mathematic Workshop For The Teachers

On 12th and 13th of June, Mathematic workshop was conducted in school by Dr.Anju Naik and Mrs Kirti Shah. All the teachers, along with the coordinators and the staff of NIMH attended the workshop.

The workshop focused on teaching Maths to pre-primary to primary level and the topics that covered during the workshop were fourteen pre-mathematical concepts of numbers from zero to nine, the number value and number formation, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, concept of time, measurement and currency.

The workshop stressed the importance on teaching the concept of mathematics and how it helps them in the concept of number, computation and application skills. For example, in teaching the concept of big/small, the child is able to give the value to the size and then relate the size to the number value and finally to the number concept of big/small.

The two-day workshop was very useful to teachers, “It was very informative, the basic concept of maths are needed, for further operations, it is something which is not given much importance in normal schools! Hope you all can bring about this awareness, I really enjoyed the session, thank you’” said one teachers at the end of the session.