Art lesson for Suraj Kotian.

Suraj Kotian, a 20 year old student of the vocational group enjoys drawing and painting, although he does many more things in school like making paper bags, making jewelry, candle making, and he also sits on loom to make dusters, like his other class mates in vocational group do. But art is the class he enjoys the most.

It is very relaxing to sit in Mrs. Madhuben’s art class. She is the art teacher for special children and she comes to school twice a week, on Wednesdays and on Thursday. Patiently she teaches children to draw and paint and children are very happy in her class.

Suraj listens carefully as his art teacher guides to produce perfect strokes, and color the art work. He has speech problem but he can follow all instructions and is able to produce many useful articles. He is paid a stipend for making saleable articles like Rakhees, dusters and greeting cards.

He lives in Nerul and comes to school by school bus. He is quite independent and will be able to work in sheltered workshops.