Arushi…Celebration of World Disability Week….

"If you believe people have no history worth mentioning, it's easy to believe they have no humanity worth defending" William Loren Katz

I want to work

Working is something that most of us take for granted. People with a learning disability have the same right to work as everyone else, but they find it much harder to get a job. This is despite the fact that research shows that 65% of people with a learning disability would like a paid job.

People with a learning disability make highly valued employees when given the right support, but there are less than 1 in 10 people with a learning disability known to social services in paid work.

We want to challenge people's attitudes about people with a learning disability and show how much people with a learning disability can offer in the workplace.

What is World disability week?

States are taking an important step in the promotion of further understanding and awareness of disability and the disability rights movement by designating a week (or more) to acknowledge the role and contributions of individuals with disabilities in our society. During an established Disability Week, states will require their public schools to infuse instruction and activities related to disability history into the existing school curriculum.


It is important that our youth understand in order to appreciate how individuals with disabilities were once viewed and treated. During Disability Week, students will be provided with the opportunity to learn how people with disabilities were instrumental in changing history, and how they became active participants in changing societal attitudes about their needs, desires and capabilities. By teaching disability in schools, we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that history is not repeated and that there continues to be movement towards an even more accessible society in future generations.

We, at Swami Brahmanad Prathishthan, centre for mentally challenged, are happy to inform you that all Special Schools, Organisations and Parents of Persons with Disabilities from Navi Mumbai and Raigad District have come together under the banner of ‘ARUSHI’ on the occasion of “World Disability Day” which is celebrated on the 3rd December every year. The objectives of ARUSHI are awareness on Disabilities and empowerment of all Persons related to the field of Disabilities

The following program has been planned during the entire week.

2nd to 7th December – Poster Exhibition on buses, railway station and bus depots.

3rd December – Rally

4th December – Panel discussion cum press conference at SIES College of Management

5th & 6th December – Health Check up cum Certification Camp

5th & 6th December – Information Counter at various locations

7th December – Fun Fair, Cultural Program, Creative workshops

Friends we make a sincere appeal to you to help us in making this celebration a success. We also look forward to your valued participation on each and every day of the program.