Develop good organizing skills.

The other day I was talking to a parent of a special child and she told me that the skills that we often take for granted have to be taught to her child with care and patience and it takes too much of her time.

Well, Organization is the key.

Helping the child to develop a routine will ultimately lead to organization success. The goal for organization is to eliminate tardiness, forgetfulness, lack of preparedness and procrastination. These habits need to be eliminated and replaced with strategies to ensure the child is utilizing good organization skills. Once again, a consistent approach that is reinforced on a regular basis will be a tremendous help.

It will be of great help to keep a check list to ensure that all the steps or procedures are followed regularly.

You could break down all items that are to be included in assignments and provide goals to be reached and ensure that checkpoints are in place.

Making sure that you have a positive home-school connection with the support needed ensures success.

Sometimes a checklist stating what needs to be done and what's needed to do it is very helpful. At the end of each day the child will ensure that both are complete.


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