Winners in the Special Olympics State Level Swimming Competition

On 7th sept 08, students from all over Maharastra participated in the special olympics state level swimming competition that was held at Mafatlal Swimming Pool Girgaon Choupatty, six of our students participated in this event and returned with medals.

Following were the medals earned by our students:

GOLD MEDAL - Mst. Vipul Rane and Mst. Pratik Shimpi
SILVER MEDAL - Ms. Shruti Tyagi, Mst. Prathmesh Koli and Ms. Disha Maru
BRONZE MEDAL - Mst. Mahendra singh, Ms. Shruti Tyagi, Mst. Prathmesh Koli, Mst. Vipul Rane & Mst. Pratik Shimpi.

The students were accompanied by Ms. Shobha Dhone and Mrs. Grace Rekha Simoes & Mrs. Hansa Maru (Trustee) Students were trained by our sports Teacher Mr. Sarang Rathod