Appreciation Award

On 12th April 2008, school celebrated the annual day. The management of 'Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan, Centre for mentally Challenged' showed their appreciation by presenting a momemto and a bouquet to the staff of the school for their exceptional contribution.
The awards were given to:

Chaaya Sawant for her contribution in administrative work

Sunit Marwa for her Voluntary dedicated service

Madhuri Upadhbey for her commitment and services

Anita Mankme for her commitment and service

Smita Vartak for imparting the knowledge of vocational responsibilities.

Sachin Jadhav for imparting music skills

Smita Vagmare for her Creative performance

Vidya Avasak in the field of Dramatics

Vibha Dhandekar recieved the appreciation award for her best innovative teaching.

The founder of the school Ms Shirish Pujari got the award for her unselfish dedication to the school