Special Handmade Products and Gifts by Special Children of SBP Centre for Mentally Challenged

A wide variety of diyas (lamps), lanterns, candles, handicraft items, jewelry, greeting cards, garden plant saplings, paper and cloth bags, kitchen items like chocolates, dry fruits, masala powders made from Jeera (cumin), dhania (coriander), turmeric, red chillies and many more things all of which are neatly packed are available for sale.

Every cause needs people more than money, for when the people are with you and you are giving your cause their attention, interest, confidence, advocacy and service.

Make a difference in the life of these specially gifted children by Almighty to teach us we are HUMAN BEINGS and learn the language of love, compassion, tolerance all of which doubles when shared.

For further details :
Please write to

Pushpa Moorjani (coordinator) at pmoorjani@yahoo.com
Shirish Pujari(Founder) or Sukanya Ventakataman (Principal) at shirish_vsp@hotmail.com
Suman Mohan at sumanadvt@yahoo.com

Suman Mohan is our well wisher and she has been kind enough to help us sell the articles made by our children. She works for BSNL and during leisure time, she posts advertisements online for some categories. That was a work she has learnt on her own and found it brings in some revenue.

Her work involves regular posting/periodical renewals, replying emails/ attending calls, giving contacts of the right person, etc.

Our school has been fortunate to get the help from Suman, who has sponsored her service to us free of charge….

Vimmi Jaggi is our well wisher from USA, who is helping us in organising sales in USA and on internet. We have the facility of Paypal which has been put in place.

Thank you Suman Mohan and Vimmi Jaggi.

ps: for more pictures of the articles made by the children please visit http://www.facebook.com/photo_search.php?oid=18326879384&view=all