October 17 and October 18 2007 is the day when you can ‘Stand up’ and ‘Speak out’

'STAND UP' to make a difference in somebody’s life.

'SPEAK OUT' for the Achievement of the Millennium development Goals,

STAND UP & Be Counted: SPEAK OUT & Be Heard

Register your stand up event at http://www.standagainstpoverty.org/en/node/14255

‘Phalguni’ is an vocational training program at the Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan, Centre for Mentally, Mumbai.

In this event, we bring awareness about the talents/skills of the mentally challenged Children and about vocation training programs that help them earn their livelihood. We invite people to sponsor such programs. We also invite people to become well-wishers of this school; thereby, they can get involved in all activities planned by the school and also help in promoting the welfare of the students.

A visit to this school is planned on Oct 17, 2007. A tour inside the school is arranged to understand the functioning of the school and also a display of artifacts created by the students shall be on sale. Please support this event. Feel free to contact us for further details.

Thank You

Pushpa Moorjani


  1. Hi Pushpa,
    this is a good blog. Do you also have a photo blog which displays the craft by children with prices? I know a lot of people who give only NGO crafted items as gifts. Even I do that generally. My fav gifts for people are agarbattis made by Sulabha school in Chembur.

    Will be for the Mini fair.


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