Latest updates (September)

During the month of September, Ganpati Festival was celebrated in the school for 5 days from 5th September to 10th September. An idol was placed in the office and children were educated about the importance of this festival in Mumbai. Every day, during the festival, children would group together in the office and worship Lord Ganesha. They would sing hymns and do aarti. They were then given Prasad at the end of the pooja. The children loved this festival and they would eagerly wait for 3pm to attend the aarti together.

On 28th September, children enjoyed a birthday feast of wafers and Laddoo to celebrate the birthday of a well wisher.

The teachers of Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan are encouraged to update their teaching skills. They attended various workshops during the month of September that were organized by NIMH, Regional Navi Mumbai. They attended workshops on ‘Management of Behavior Problems in the persons with Mental Retardation and ‘Pre-requisites for ADL in children with Special needs’

There was also another workshop organized by Thane Social Welfare Department on ‘Empowerment of Awareness’, this workshop was attended by five teachers of the school.