Dhandiya Raas with School kids, Parents and Teachers.

It was an evening of colorful costumes, tuneful songs, exhilarating dances, ‘The Dhandiya Raas’ is centered on the use of sticks called dhandia. Traditional Raas involves men and women moving about in a large circle and hitting their sticks with different partners

'Dhandiya Party' was celebrated in school on 20th October 2007 from 4pm to 7pm It was held in Kairali hall, CBD, Belapur.

All children, parents and the staff, were dressed in the colorful festive clothes. The program was inaugurated by Mrs Surekha Patil, Principal of Suheet Special School, Pen, Raighad District.

Parents Association had taken the initiative to organize the program and it was attended by more than one hundred and fifty guests. All of them participated in dhandiya Raas. Prizes were given in different categories that included: ‘the best dancer’, ’The best dressed person’ etc.

There was a feast of Pav bhaji and Kulfi, that was enjoyed by exhausted dancing group. It was a memorable day, to be remembered for a long time.

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