Visit to school in September.....Children were busy....

I visited school yesterday and went to meet each and every student. Children feel very good when somebody comes to see them, they like to show off their work and will always call you to come and see what they are doing. They will smile and be happy when you appreciate their work.

In one classroom, teacher shows her student the basic art of using the sewing machine. They are then trained to make many articles like hand bags, purses, aprons, etc

Some of them were busy making mats. Small pieces of cloth are passed through the holes into the cloth, forming designs. These can be used as door mats

Up in the open classroom, children were enjoying making agarbatis. They have learnt to make it independently,by rolling out the dough on a long fine stick, and we sell those after they make it and let them share the profit

This is group of children who are being taught to draw and paint. Children are encouraged to draw and paint and some of them have made beautiful cards that we got it printed and are now making great sales

Children show great skills and interest in whatever they do and with little patience and love, great results can be obtained of anybody, even from a mentally challenged child.