A retail store and a plant nursery were inaugurated in school premises on the occasion of Swamijee’s Punyajathithi

On 20th June, we celebrated Swamijees Punyathithi. A pooja ceremony was performed in the school hall that was followed by lunch. Nearly 350 people attended the pooja and had Prasad.

On the same day, a new shop was inaugurated in the school premises. The retail shop has been funded by Ram Sitaldas, a businessman from Manila, Philippines. Children will be trained to sell the things that are made by the children; they will also be trained in retail and management of the store, making inventory and stock keeping, keeping accounts and transaction of money. Such information will help the children to face the real life experiences in retail industry.

Also, as the part of vocational activity, children will be trained in gardening. A nursery section ‘Grow Green’ was inaugurated by the president f Rotary club, Dr Surab Patil. This project has been funded by Rotary club of Navi Mumbai. The nursery will be used to train students to plant trees, take care of them, and ultimately sell them.

An area admeasuring 500 sq. ft has been dug up to conduct this activity on a daily basis. The students will get to learn the use of manure, what vermin-culture is (the process of converting household garbage into useful manure) and how to make one.
Students will be trained to water plants, develop sapling and sell plants like Tulsi, curry leaves, Neem, Brahmi, flowering plants, indoor plants, etc. on regular basis.

This gesture which is being viewed as confidence booster for the mentally challenged students received a fund backing of Rs66000 by the district simplified branch of Rotary International district, for the development of the nursery.

The aim behind organizing such a project is to promote the students’ self-esteem and confidence. This in turn will make them feel independent and initiate them to take up a new venture.