Summer Camp

From 19th April - 29th April, 2007, 10.00a.m to 4.30p.m, Swami Brahamanand Parents Association had planned a summer camp for the children in the school premises

There were fun activities that included activities like art, craft, cooking, outing, dramatics, games, etc.

Twenty seven children participated in the summer camp activities.

There were three professionals who came to teach on different days along with parents and teachers who were there everyday.

One teacher took charge of one activity each day. The teacher took the responsibility of organizing game and fun activities like puppet making, paintings, talk on moral values, good habits. The parents were involved on all days in all the activities.

The closing ceremony of the summer camp took place on 29th.

All the parents were invited for this day and children were given snacks and gift hampers to take back home.