Teaching the writing skills to a child.

It is very important to teach the children the correct way of writing the letters. Such skills should be developed from the early stage because it is difficult to change the habits once the child is grown and used to writing in a particular way.

Before the child learns the writing skills he has to be taught the pre-writing skills. To strengthen his finger muscles he should be give clay to play, or he can be encouraged to have a sand or water play activities.

For the very small children, a gross movement can be started with the exercise like up/down and left/right, so that, the child gets the concept of directions.

Then a chalk can be given to the child, whereby, he can be asked to make the strokes as you spell out the directions like lets draw lines from left to right, like this or lets draw lines from up to down, like this.

Next stage is to introduce the sand paper alphabets where the child is taught the correct direction of writing the letters by tracing the alphabets with his fingers.

With the improvement of his fine motor skills he is then given a pencil and asked to draw the lines in proper directions from left to right and from up to down.

With strokes of up/down, the related alphabets like ‘W’, ‘V’, ‘A’ ‘M’ ‘N’ etc can be taught

A straight line strokes can be taught with alphabets like ‘L’, ‘I’ ‘E’ ‘F’ etc.

The correct way of writing ‘O’ and other circular alphabets like ‘C’ ‘B’ ‘D’ etc. should be shown patiently.

Next, he can be given a worksheet in which he is encouraged to form the correct style and direction of alphabets, gradually gaining the control of writing between two horizontal lines.

We must remember, the children can be molded only at earlier stages. If they are confused they may never learn.