Nutrition program at our centre.

Good nutrition and a balanced diet help the child grow up healthy. Whether the child is a toddler or a teen, you can take steps to improve nutrition and encourage smart eating habits. Five of the best strategies are:

Have regular family meals.
Serve a variety of healthy foods and snacks.
Be a role model by eating healthy yourself.
Avoid battles over food.
Involve kids in the process.

But it's not easy to take these steps when everyone is juggling busy schedules and convenience food, such as fast food, is so readily available.

We, at Swami Brahmanand, felt that our children were not getting enough nutrition at home as the result the children were lethargic and showed lack of interest in their school activities. We decided to introduce the nutrition program especially for those children who were not getting proper nutrition at home, and for those who came to school without having any breakfast. Also some of our children live far away from school, and take more than an hour to reach home. Nutrition program was created for these kinds of children.

Presently, everyday at 3.00p.m, children at Swami Brahmanand at CBD and at Uran centre get a glass of milk and a fruit. The fruits that are given are usually seasonal and fresh. On the day of festival, all the children are given a feast of sweetsthat can be varied with sweets such as laddos, jalebi or even kaju katri sometimes.

We have about 34 children at our CBD centre and about 15 children at our Uran centre who are included in this nutrition program. The average cost of running this nutrition program is about Rs5000 (100 euros) per month. It has been since last three years that the nutrition program has been introduced in our school and there has been a remarkable change in the attitude of our children.

We would like to thank our donors for funding this nutrition program making it run smoothly.