This year Holi was celebrated without any water..

Students played holi with eco friendly powders and colorful flower petals on 23rd March 2016 at school

Like every other year, Holi was celebrated this year too. But this year there was difference; no water was wasted at all.

The children were asked to play dry holi (explaining them the value of water and why it should not be wasted). They used colored powder and colorful flower petals only. But the enjoyment was similar.

Holika was prepared for the fire to be lit . Many children participated in preparing the Holika, placing twigs and dried leaves collected from garden. A rongoli was made using different colored powder.

Children and teachers prayed to fire, going around the fire with lamp in their hand and hymns on their lips according to the traditional and culture of this festival.

Children chose their own partners to play holi

There was enjoyment and fun when the music started. There was color and flowers sprinkling and later loud music to Bollywood numbers and children dancing, laughing and playing.