Food Festival at SBP

Food festival is held every year at our Special School at CBD; where in parents of the children take an active part and cook the delicious Indian food. It is the part of teaching program that helps children understand the food stories. Parents normally cook regional food, where children get first hand knowledge of the different cuisine in India.

This year, on 22nd March, food Festival featured theme food from Maharashtra and Bengal.

Parents not only cooked the traditional food but were also immaculately dressed in nine yard sari, according to their culture.

At the dining table, they learn to interact with each other, while learning the table etiquettes of eating  food in harmony.

Children learn how to wait for their turn when invited to a buffet lunch and how to select the food to their liking, paying attention to the quantity to be served so that there is no wastage of food.

Children learn to read the name of the dish.

There were many different dishes cooked for day

It was really a fun events and children enjoyed a lot......