21st Annual Day at SBP

21st Annual Day of SBP was celebrated on 24th February 2012 at Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium Vashi. the students and staff members put up a colourful show conforming to this years theme "Rainbow"

The chief Guest Mr. M.V.K. Kumar the CEO of CEIL-Certification Engineers International Ltd. accompanied by Mr. Goswami and Mr. Nitendra Dekate inaugurated the Program. 

After the warm welcome and lighting of the lamp by our chief guests, the cultural show began ....

Rainbow depicts colour,variety and togetherness. all the three concepts could be found in our annual day. 150 students from the three units were given an opportunity to perform on stage. 

A butterfly dance was performed by pre-primary group, around 15 children participated in this dance, all in complete harmony with music and rhythm, sliding smoothly around the stage....

 Students from vocational group participated in fancy dress, each couple dress in different attire representing the different states of India. 

The Japanese dance, swirling their open fan during the dance made a pleasant sight as the  children of the secondary group glided elegantly through the stage.

Some children showed their skill in singing, one child even sang our famous song 'KolavariDi' which was sung with correct lyrics.

Each and every child participated in this event, not one child was left out, the parents were pleased to see their child on the stage, the children participated according to their ability, those who could not move or dance, just dressed up and sat on the stage, doing only the hand movements, it made the child feel contented that they too were given the chance to participate with their friends. 

Awards were presented to the deserving students of all three units. Every staff member of the Organisation was felicitated for their unique quality that led to the growth of the organisation. 

The program came to an end with a small peformance by all the staff members of the Organization.