Dance Therapy

It was time to dance. Six children gathered in a classroom to practice the free movements of expressions. Their dance teacher, Mr. Kirit Nanda spoke animatedly and immediately all the children glanced at him, some of them autistic in nature, who, otherwise will be seen disinterested in other activities but during this dance class they are very attentive.

The dance teacher begins to sing, with his hands spread out, raising his hands up and then round and around and making different facial expressions, singing a song……

Oh mere pyare Ganesha
Tu rehana sat hemesha
Zigi Zigi Zun, Zun
Zigi Zigi Zun, Zun

The children begin to repeat his actions With Zigi Zigi Zun, Zun, they twisted their waist and bend down and are up again, turning round and round with their hands and eyes expression matching their teacher. It was a pleasure watching children dance graciously following their teacher’s action, mimicking every gesture of eye, hands and feet.

Dance therapy brings out remarkable changes in the self esteem, body reflexes and behavior pattern of our special friends. Each individual has an innate rhythm and movement vocabulary in his body. All we have to do is free one s creative self without any inhibitions. Healing done through any form of creative art is the best way to heal and ease a person