Valentine’s day- Senior School Charity

Valentine’s day- Senior School Charity was celebrated in Yeoward School, Tenerife, to raise money for our school

Valentine ’s Day was not just another day at British Yeoward School, in Tenerife, Canary Islands, it was a very special day!

"On Thursday 14th February, many of the students of British Yeoward school, Tenerife, gave and received roses for Valentine’s Day. This was arranged by Mr Arthur and Mrs Linklater, to raise the money for the Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan Centre in Mumbai, India, which cares for Mentally and Physically handicapped-or differently-able’ as they prefer-children. The sale of the roses raised money for the school

The following evening Mr Arthur organized a Valentine’s Dance for students in year 7 and above to which Trinity (another English school in Puerto de la Cruz) students were also invited. Amazingly, over 150 people attended the dance, which raised more money for the same charity. Everyone enjoyed the dance at the end of the evening, everyone begged Mr. Arthur, “Don’t stop the music!”"

We, at Swami Brahmanand, would like to thank everyone involved in ensuing the success of the evening, not only Mr. Arthur, but also Mr. Crompton, Miss Aylward and Mr. Nicholas and various students: Danny(year13) Chris)year 10) Helen9year 12) and Piyathida(year12)

The final two days of the last week, the Yeoward School raised money for the school which will be used as a part payment to buy a school bus for the children, who find it difficult to use the public transport.

To Staff and students of British Yeoward School (Tenerife)

Thank You So Much.