Ravi is the sponsored child

of Preeti and Vishal from Spain.

Ravi Valmiki lives in a joint family of seven members that includes his mother, grandmother, grandfather, one elder brother and two elder sisters. He is the youngest in his family. His mother works as a domestic helper and elder brother does odd jobs to support the family, he has no father. They live near Ganpathi Mandir, at Moraa Koliwada in Uran Dist. Raigad.

Before joining our school he was attending a normal school but he was not showing any progress and had a habit of laughing unnecessarily as the result of which he was the object of ridicule amongst his peers group. After he was taken out of that school, he had developed the habit of roaming on the streets aimlessly; he dressed shabbily, and he would laugh and tease others on the road.

He was admitted in our school on 12th February 2007. It was observed that Ravi was unable to eat neatly, and he would always remain untidy and shabby.

But in course of time, during the training that he received in his class, he has shown a gradual improvement in his behavior. There has been control over his laughing and teasing habits. He now eats food without spilling. He converses with others and answers their questions relevantly. He is introduced to basic reading and writing skills and is being educated on simple topics on general knowledge.

He can count and recognize money up to Rs5/-. He is learning to read time; he is also learning to draw and color He likes to sing and play. He is learning to read time he is also learning drawing and coloring. He likes to sing and play. This year he attended the camp to Aksa Beach Malad and enjoyed this experience.

During his one year at school, he has shown a marked improvement in his behavour and etiquettes. He has been admitted to our school recently, (usually children who are admitted at early age show more progress) therefore it might take sometime for him to cope up with the school activities. he needs improvement in reading, writing, money and time calculations and other functional skills that will be useful to him in his daily life activities.

It is too early for us to decide on the nature of his vocational skills but we are sure that we will be able to train him to carry out some vocational activities, so that he is able to support himself in future.