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Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan is a voluntary organization registered under the Public Trust Act -1950 on the 9th November, 1989.

The Begining
The Founder Trustee, Mrs. Shirish Poojary, who is a professional in the field of ‘Special Education,’ had the objective of providing services to the disabled in the areas where no such services existed. After conducting an initial survey in the villages of Belapur, Agroli, Shahabaz & Diwala, she started the first project in Shahabaz village of Belapur, Navi Mumbai on 7th July, 1990 with only 3 children, in the premises provided by the Gram Panchayat of the village.

Due to lack of basic amenities such as water, sanitation, etc., this centre shifted to Moralwar Child Care Centre, Sec-1A, CBD, Navi Mumbai. The classes were conducted from this centre over the period of 5 years. The Centre again had to look out for a new place and it was shifted to J-5, RH-IV, Sec-9, CBD, Navi Mumbai. The Trust, in the meantime, purchased a plot from CIDCO, after undergoing many hardships and completed the construction of the school building

Presently, the school building is located in the picturesque area of Artist Village, CBD, Navi Mumbai, and it is constructed on a plot measuring 512 Square meters, called Nav-Shanti, after Late Navalrai & Shantadevi Mirpuri.

Approach to Training
The school has a general curriculum framed for all children and an individual educational program is planned according to their abilities and needs. Training is imparted in the activities such as ADL (activities of daily Living), psycho- social skills, yoga, music and various other activities such as Home-Science, Speech-Therapy, Psycho-Therapy, Vocational skills, drawing, etc.

Extra-curricular Activities
The students also participate in the inter-school competitions organized by other organizations. Various programs are also conducted in the school for the students, their parents and siblings. National Festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day celebrations, Christmas and various other festivals are celebrated. An Annual Exhibition-cum-sale of articles made by the children and an Annual Cultural Program is organized in the school. The students are taken for a camp where they are provided experience of living away from home and performing their personal chores independently. All these activities make a mentally challenged individual socially competent and also improve parent’s involvement in school activities.

There are 14 classrooms and there are 105 students enrolled in school (20 at Uran Center) at present from the age of 5 years to 52 years and 43 student of them are sponsored under the scheme ‘Walk Beside Me and Be My Friend’ where in the sponsor pay their monthly fee of 25 euro which covers the expenses of education, travel and other activities. Uniform and other requirements are also provided free of cost for many students.
There is also a nutrition program where by the poor children are provided with milk or fruit everyday

The students travel from different parts of Navi Mumbai and beyond. Use of local transport i.e. State Transport bus service is just impossible for the children, many of whom are severely physical and mentally disabled. From this academic year, the students are traveling by school bus, which has been donated by Mr. Kishore Daswani and Mrs. Riya Motwani.

Unlike normal children, these children mentally tend to always remain children on the account of their slow mental development. Once they are at home, after the age of 18 years, they tend to forget all the skills learnt at school. Some of them develop behavioral problems, while some even turn out to become anti social elements and all this disturbs the home environment. The school, hence, was feeling the need for vocational set up. Since the present vocational unit could house 10-15 students only, hence, the ‘Project 50’ was born. It was planned to create a well equipped vocational centre where 50-60 students could be trained in various vocational activities like photo-copying, weaving, home science, candle making, greeting cards, handicrafts, pounding of spices and grains and making of seasonal articles such as diyas, rakhis, lanterns, etc.


  1. Dear sir
    do u have residential facility for mentally handicapped women?

  2. Presently, we have none, but hopefully in future


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