Singing Competition at Aashray Special School on 10th August

Aashray school organized solo singing competition on 10th August 2016.
From SBP CBD Center 10 students participated in this competition. The following are the names of students who participated –
1.   Aashika
2.   Apeksha
3.   Adnan
4.   Tanaya
5.   Gandar
6.   Shreerag
7.   Dikshita
8.   Gunit
9.   Modhan
All the students sang very well.
Every student was given a participation prize. And Aashika secured 2nd prize in this competition.
The participated students sang songs in different regional languages for example – Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Kerala.
The arrangement of competition was very good and very well organized.
Children enjoyed participating and it helped them to develop self confidence. This competition gave them an opportunity to show their inner talent and built stage confidence as well.
All the participated students were given gifts and Aashika won  2nd prize and received gift and certificate. It was a wonderful experience for all the students.