Classroom Sports for Special Children

School have re-opened and a new academic year has started. We have ten new students this year. Due to the rising cost in living, the school fees have increased, which is quite a pressure to the parents of the special children who besides having to pay school fees, term fees, activities fees, bus fees and some even have heavy doctor’s bills. We have all kinds of children at school, rich and poor. The rich pay the fees for their children without any complaint because compared to other institutions; our school fees are affordable. But for under-privileged children we have sponsors who pay the part of their fees.
Ishika is one such child who has found a sponsor this year.

I went to her class room to see this new student in school. Ishika is the daughter of a driver and had delayed milestones. She is 9 years old and was not able to cope up in a normal school. She talks very softly but she is very cheerful and friendly. It was afternoon time and the teacher decided to make them learn through some class activties. Since the school has just re-opened, the attendance is low. There were just about 5 students present in the class. 

Her teacher took a skipping rope and tied the ends to two chair. The children stood by watching.

They stood uncertain as to what was expected of them and waited for the instruction. The teacher stood at a distance and said, "One, two..three.." and ran a small distance and jumped over the rope. The children smiled at their teacher and then looked at each other.

Soon, there was no stopping them, each in their own turn jumped over the rope, some with ease and some with difficulty to cross over this hurdle, after each jump there was a sense of achievement and they smiled and went on for a next jump and next and next...They did not push each other but waited patiently for their turn, clapping for their friend each time.

Special children don't need a big flashy play ground to show off their talent, they can celebrate sports even in a tiny classroom over the rope tied between two chairs ..its just the spirit of participating and enjoying the moment....

 An activity like this increases their concentration and awareness. their sense of achievement on being able to cross a hurdle and the spirit of enjoying with the class mates.