Food Fest at SBP

A unique way to the beginning of the New year is observed today at school where children and their parents are enjoying the food festival.

All the children have come in colorful clothes, observing the ‘Rainbow’ theme that has been observed during this year at school.

110 parents cooperated in this festival with some doing the actual cooking while others contributing ingredients like rice, milk, spices, papads, pickles etc. The menu for the day is Vegetable Biryani, rice, Dal tadka, aloo bhaji, chole, puri, thepla, chappatis, achar, gajjar ka halwa, kheer  and srikhand.

Before the festival begins, Annapurni, the Goddess of food (who has the serving spoon in her hand) is worshiped and placed in the bowl containing coin and rice. The table next to it has a large salad dressing with unique arrangement of carved vegetables artistically done.

While the parents waited to serve behind the tables, children came to the room class-wise, paid Rs25 and started to serve themselves, they were instructed to take how much they could eat and were assured that they could come back for more if they needed to but wastage of food would not be tolerated. The children waited in line for their turn, some of the children had to be helped by their parents/teachers during serving and eating.

The children said their prayer before taking their first bite “Thank you Lord for the food we eat”

The teachers trained the children to hold the plate and self serve correctly. This type of training will help children to learn to eat and behave at social functions, thus helping them integrate into the society.

While the children waited in their classroom for their turn, some of the children started singing ‘Kolavari dee’ banging the fork and spoon on their table for some back ground music. One girl got up, held her friend’s hand and started to dance. The more impatient ones gatecrashed.

It was a well organized event where the parents too were able to interact with each other and with the children.

The money earned during this event will be utilized in buying the equipment required in home science unit of vocational centre at school.