My Student Sunil

Painting on Canvas By Sunil

Sunil at work...

My Student Sunil…
October 3rd is celebrated in India as National Cerebral Palsy Day. On this occasion I am reminded of my student Sunil. Sunil was brought to our centre at the age of 7 in the year 1999 by a well wisher of the Organization. He was placed in my class- Junior group.
Sunil was diagnosed to have cerebral palsy. His speech and motor movements were affected. After just a few days of interaction with him I realized that Sunil had very good comprehension and was an enthusiastic worker. He was willing to put in hard work.
Sunil is a self driven person. With the right kind of exposure and opportunity he started learning quickly. His grasping power was good. He showed progress in all areas. He even tried to perform his personal skills by himself under the supervision of the occupational therapist and his Teachers
His sense of determination amazed me. Although his reports stated that he had moderate level of retardation I knew that he functioned at a higher cognitive level . He was also endowed with excellent memory. His inquiring mind helped him gain general information. He also started performing well in academic related activities.
In spite of his jerky hand movements he learnt to eat by self and perform all finer hand movements. He started writing and colouring. He attended special drawing class where he learnt to sketch and colour. He participated in drawing competitions. He had good imagination and always looked forward to challenging tasks. He managed to a make a beautiful painting on canvas under the supervision o f his drawing teacher.
He served as a good role model for others. I had the opportunity to learn much from him..I learnt that hard work always bears fruit. His inner motivation served to help him progress which is of great value.
I am glad to have met Sunil as he taught me to value life, he taught me never take life for granted. His motivation helped motivate me to reach out to more such individuals and do whatever little I can to make this world a better place to live in.
Today at the age of 19 he helps his mother at home and keeps himself occupied. He helps in the family business of washing and ironing clothes.
These children are pure examples of what positive thinking and self motivation can do.


  1. I came over to this blog through a comment left on my page by Pushpee and I am so glad she did. Being a Mom of special needs child this has touched my heart... Hats off to all of you for the wonderful social service.


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