Our Students: Harneet Kaur

Harneet Kaur is not interested in playing. There is a Montessori teaching aid placed on the desk in front of her, her assistant tells her to rotate the beads in the spiral rings to create the beautiful combination of colored beads but she pays no attention.  Her assistant lifts her hand and helps her to rotate the beads but she pulls her hands away and stares into the open space. Her classmates look at her, willing to help her and the friendly ones want to communicate with her but she makes no response.

Harneet is 9-year-old, severely mentally challenged child. All her milestones were delayed and her IQ is just 22.

Harneet Kaur has started coming to school from this June; she has never ever attended any school before because her mother was not aware that there was education available for severely mentally challenged child. Harneet finds it difficult to walk or lift her self up from her seated position because she has never learnt to do so. Her mother helps her in all her activities. She is completely dependent on her mother. She is not even toilet trained. Her mother lifts her, carries her and brings her to school and she goes back home by auto-rickshaw.

Her father is a truck driver and her mother is a housewife, she has two more siblings. Due to their poor financial condition, her mother is not able to pay her fees and she is placed under the sponsorship program which will fund her school fees, uniform and other activities.


  1. Poor child, she looks so beautiful.. hope she benefits from the program....God bless her and your institute too, Pushy!


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