The New Year Begins-June 2010

School Reopens on June 12th, 2010

After a long vacation of nearly two months, school finally reopened on Thursday, June 10th. So what memories do we have of the past year, and what do we look forward to the coming year?

The year that went by was a remarkable year. Firstly, Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan entered its 20th year of existence since it was founded in 1990. What a monumental achievement that was! We celebrated the occasion with grand Annual Day functions at Vishnudas Bhave Hall, Vashi on 27th February and at Uran on .

Just like every year, this year too our students excelled themselves at various arts, skills and sports. Our Marathi play “The Show Must Go On” won 3rd prize at the Drama Competition of Natyashala, Matunga. ON 26th August, 2009 Mst. Ganesh Ghotmukhle made us proud by winning the silver medal at the National Badminton Competition at Rajasthan. Our students excelled in many fields in competitions and events organized at district, state and national level. There are too many to be described here!

Many activities have begun since the school re-opened such as
  • Swamiji Punyatithi
  • Staff meeting
  • Parents’ meeting
  • Syllabus planning
  • Appointment of a new staff
  • Shuffling of the students according to their ability
There have been 12 new students admitted to our school this year. We now have 124 students at our CBD centre (84 in Disha School and 40 in the vocational unit) and 30 students at our Uran centre.

 4 of our students have graduated to vocational unit, 2 students have joined NIOS-National integrated open school and 3 students have joined ‘Pratham’- an educational program.

 Some changes have been introduced in classroom activities and planning of the syllabus which will influence the students’ progress.

 On 26th June, parents-board members- meeting was organized in school. The fund raising program was discussed during this meeting, parents were also informed about the rules and regulation of school, sponsorship program, the nutrition programs, etc. Dr.Martin, who is the psychiatrist from DY Patil hospital gave a small talk how parent can be the best team members in helping in the child’s growth and progress in their daily life activities.

 On 3rd July, parents-teachers meeting was held, during this meeting parents co-ordinated with other professional, like music teacher, art, sports, computer, physiotherapist, speech and other special teachers and were guided towards what kind of program was suitable for their child and the activities were planned accordingly.

 A parent representative has been appointed for each class who will interact with other parents, and -ordinate with class teachers and management in helping the child’s progress.

 On last day of every month, a party will be arranged in school during which all the children and teachers, who had the birthday in that month will celebrate it together.

So what can we look forward to in the coming year?

We’re happy to announce that ten new students have joined our family. We wish Khushi, Shivam, Madhur, Dyushant, Prachi, Karan, Harsh, Sohan, Piya, Gandhar and Siddharth all the very best as they begin a journey of fun, friendship and learning! Ms. Nidhi Katare joins us as a special educator, while Sagar Mhate and Santosh Narvekar join as caretakers. A warm welcome to them into the SBP family!

There will of course be a lot of curricular and extra-curricular activities. For one, we shall be celebrating the major Indian festivals with great enthusiasm and pomp, as they instill a sense of value and heritage in our children.

As usual, we will be carrying out a functional assessment of various areas such as Activities of Daily Living, Social Skills, Functional academics, community orientation etc. On the basis of this, our teachers will prepare a class syllabus for every child according to their need and ability. The objective of the program is to make every child independent and empower them with skills necessary to live with confidence and respect.

 In the month of June, 21 students celebrated their birthday together. Two teachers were in charge of organizing the party and besides snacks and drink, there were different games organized to make their event an memorable one.