Visit to 'Sweekar'- other centre of SBP at Uran

This week, Shirish, Sukanya and I made a trip to Uran. 28 kms away from our CBD centre is another centre at Uran – called Sweekar, where we have 30 more student, most of them are sponsored kids, They are under-priviledged children living in the rural areas. Initially the school was in a rented apartment on the first floor, which was a wee bit smaller.

Now the centre is shifted to a newer place which is a cute cottage, much more spacious and there is enough room to play.

There are three classrooms and a kitchen, The children were very pleased to see us.

At the back of the cottage is an open space where children were playing outdoor games.

It was getting late and reaching back home would take me more than three hours to reach Bandra if I had to come back by road. I took a shorter route. There is another route to come back to South of Mumbai.

I took a ferry from Mora dockyard to Mazgoan, which was just 45 minutes trip by sea. From Mazgoan to Bandra took me another 30 minutes by taxi. This is a shorter route and cuts the trip by more than one hour (depending on the traffic)