Camp at Aksa Beach

Camp at Aksa beach was organized from 21st to 23rd December 2009. 60 students and 25 staff members joined in the camp to enjoy the leisure of sun and sand.

Children always look forward to this camp because they had lot of fun swimming

Doing Yoga and aerobics,

Taking part in creative games and activities

Playing on the beach and having lots of fun swimming in a small swimming pool, or at seashore

it was fun watching the boys dressed in sarees and cat walk with the person who had dressed him with the support of other team members.

Our sincere thanks to Shri Rashid Talyarkhan and his team, Mrs. Anmol Sukhwan from Madrid and Mr. Nikki Ramchandani from Dubai for their kind support and their sponsorship in making this a pleasant event, also our thanks to Penguin Travels and all our staff members.

Thank you so much…..