Skill and Ability Competiton

Suraj sits crouched on the floor, sprinkling the colored sand from a strainer on a ‘two feet by two feet’ square patch on the floor.

With great concentration, he sprinkles different colored sand, one by one, one layer of colored sand on the top of the other layer, creating colorful designs. Quite satisfied, he looks up to get his teacher’s attention and awaits the next instruction. “Now make some design, using your finger, do whatever you feel like” says his teacher. Suraj stretches his first finger and slowly, carefully, moves his finger, tracing randomly, digging into the layers of colored sand, producing beautiful design.

Quite satisfied, he places leaves and flowers on the border of the square, keeps a ‘metal tray with a tumbler and coconut’ in the centre of the square and then decides to decorate the rest of the square with colored stones and mirrors.

Suraj is being trained for the competition of Rangoli, an Indian floor art. He will be participating in the ability competition that is organized by ‘Skill and Ability School’ the event will be held on 12th, 13th and 14th November 2009.

Thirteen students will be participating from our school. The event is divided into three groups: Under 9 years, 10-15 years, and above 15years.

Following are the events that will be included in the ability and skill competition: Waste re-use, embroidery, Lego, jigsaw puzzles, painting, making get-well card, clay modeling and rangoli.

Over the three hour competition, child will be graded on the basis of their originality, neatness, skill and speed.