Active parents of our school

Parents play a very important role in the development of their special child and their involvement in school activities show greater progress in school management.

Teaching a special child is a team work where teachers and parents work together in helping the child overcome their handicap.

At our school, in Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan, the parents are very cooperative and help the school management in the best way that they can, giving their quality time and attention.

We have parents like Mrs Bakshi, Mrs Maru, Mrs Nirmala and many others who come to school in every need of hour. During the school functions or celebrations of any festivals, we are lucky to have our student’s parents who volunteer to help, arranging food, drinks and gifts, and their precious time.

Whenever children need to go for any outdoor activities, such as sports or any cultural programs, we can depend on Mr and Mrs Maru, who volunteer to drive children, providing thier personal transport to those venues far away, helping in reduce the stress of traveling. They are also the trustee of our school and helps coordinate the other parents living in the zonal area of Panvel

Mrs Nirmala Mohandoss comes regularly to the school and assists teachers in the vocational centre, helping those children who require one-to-one guidance. She devotes her afternoon hours at the school activities and is very helpful to the teachers. She also coordinates with other parents living in her zone of Belapur, CBD.

Mrs Bakshi volunteers by attending the important meetings on behalf of our staff and parents, helps in guiding other parent in dealing with their special children, coordinates with other parents living in her zone of CBD, Belapur.

Mrs Pushpa Mhaske and Mrs Anika Gurung are also active parents who volunteer thier time and skill in helping children in the tailoring section of our vocational group. They organizes stitching activities , designing bags and handicraft items and help in making beautiful articles for sale in exhibitions.

AshaDevi Thakur, Bina Nambiar and many other parents come regularly to school to volunteer when the time permits.Mr Nilesh Doshi helps the institution by donating the yearly supply of phenol and liquid soap. Also, Mr,Deepak Mane helps in transporting the children in the school bus whenever our school driver is unable to report to work.

Then we have Mr Parab, who helps the school in organizing the printing and publishing of our paper work, visiting the government offices, coordinating with charity commissioner, officers in the government office.

Mr Bakshi helps in compeering and organizing school functions.

Parent-teachers meeting take place regularly in school and we all work together as one team, striving for perfection in achieving our goal towards better conditions required to live a better life and creating condusive envirnoment for our children at our school.