World Disablity Week

On 3rd December 2008, a World disability week was celebrated in CBD Belapur by the organization called Aarushi. The objectives of ARUSHI are awareness on Disabilities and empowerment of all Persons related to the field of Disabilities. It is to raise awareness about various aspects of disabilities (Misconceptions, Causes, prevention, facilities & concessions) that are required for general public through poster displays and street plays. The event started with the rally.

The children came to the school with their parents, all ready and excited about the event. Children, teachers and parents carried placards, creating awareness on disability, as they walked through the narrow lanes of CBD, passing through the popular nodes, covering market places and busy shopping areas. They performed street plays at different nodes of the town, shouted slogans like “See our ability, not our disability’ and they happily walked through streets playing loud drums.

After two hours of long walk, the children returned to school and were treated with the delicious meal of samosas, pulav, gulab jammu and a frooti drink.