Leena Gujarati

Leena Gujarati is fifteen year old MR child. She is placed in pre-vocational group. She was at Sweekar (our Uran centre) for five years and when her family shifted from Uran to Panvel she was admitted in our CBD centre. Leena is very talented and is able to do fine embroidery work. She is good in painting, drawing, embroidery and crochet work. She has poor health and is epileptic
When I took this picture she was happy to pose and show her work. Later she invited me to visit her at her house.

She said. “Can you come to my house to visit me?”

“Sure. I will come”. I said

“You must come for lunch” she said

“Really! What will you make for me?” I said

“No, I cannot make anything, my mom does not allow me to make anything but she will make for you” she said

“So, what do you know to make” I said

“Oh. I make and serve tea, that also sometimes” she said

“Okay I will surely come” I said

And she gave me one broad smile, happy, that I had accepted her invitation to visit her at her house..