Project 3: To raise funds for a new bus.

We have many children who are not able to use pubic transport because of their inability to keep a firm balance.

Auto and mini-van are used by some children, who live in the rural areas of Panvel and Belapur village, where the streets are too narrow for any big vehicles to pass. Eleven children, who live in rural areas of Panvel and six children, who live in Belapur village are using the auto service to travel to school.

Fifty children travel by the school bus. The bus route extends from Vashi (Northern suburbs of our school) to Panvel (which is in the South direction). Thus, one bus is used to transport all the children living in opposite direction as the result, many children take more than three hours traveling in the bus. Thus too much time wasted on the streets, due to heavy traffic, and that makes children very tired and irritable.

The school requires one more bus, so that two vans could be used for traveling in an opposite direction and children can reach home in a shorter time. A mini van is a better option, because smaller van can be used to reach the children who live in narrow lanes, and it can also be used for children who are required to go for extra events (swimming, outdoor activities, drama, etc) at other venues.

After seeing the various options, we have narrowed down to buying ‘Winger’ of Tata Motors.

The Winger is a 9-13 seated, with front-facing seats, magazine pockets, bottle holders, and spot lamps. The Winger is powered by a 2-litre turbo charged diesel engine. Largely aimed at the urban passenger transportation segment, the Winger is suitable for intra-city travel and rural travel for school vans.

The Winger meets BS-III emission norms, comes with a 1.5 lakh km/18-month warranty, and has 11 variants, in standard, deluxe and luxury. The Tata Winger's prices start at Rs.4.70 lakhs (ex-showroom Pune) and we believe it will be suitable for our school.

We have collected Rs1.80 lakhs and we hope to raise enough funds to meet the expenses before the next academic year in June.