Painting in oils

The children are trained to play with colors and are encouraged to express through art. They make paintings and greeting cards, which are later sold and the profit is given to the kids.

This painting is made by two students of Swami Brahmanand Pratisthan, Centre for Mentally Challenged. It is made in oil under the guidance of their drawing teacher Mrs Madhuben Shah.

This picture in oils is so beautiful that we have decided to sell it to the highest bidder and the money will be then given to the kids for their effort. The bidding starts with Rs1000 plus postage, anybody wants to bid? We have created a group for our well-wishers at facebook and at google-group and all the well wishers are encouraged to join and interact in various discussions...You can bid either at 'facebook' or at google-group, on our thread for painting.

The fun begins now....Rs1000, one; Rs1000, two...anybody higher than that? Come on to the group discussion thread.......